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Actualizado: 14 de may de 2019

17 ABRIL 2019

Por Fundação Verakis

Odela and Verakis (French Foundation working on scientific mediation in the food field) set up the Technical Visit "Food, Sovereignty and Food Security", in Barcelona, June 8-15, 2019.

This Technical Visit will approach and discuss how this issue has been treated in Spain and U.E., and will present political, social and research projects on the subject.

The following visits are part of the program:

Fundación Alícia; Catalan markets;Social and sustainable restaurants;Public strategies on Food and Nutritional Security; Observatorio de la Alimentación (ODELA) - Campus Alimentación, Universitat de Barcelona;Urban gardens ;Sustainable Food Production;Management of food waste;Gastronomic routes for the development of sustainable tourism and the protection of the food heritage;SSAN promotion actions for the general public (schools, media, etc);Contemporary Challenges in Food and Nutrition Security.

Recognising the importance of this kind of event for the improvement of the food management on national and international level, Verakis and Odela offer a 10% discount for those who sign up for both events (congress and technical visit). If you are a professional, student and/or amateur of the food areas, and you are sensitive and engaged with the food of the future, this opportunity is for you.

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